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Atlantic Islands Sail Training Centre (AISTraC) Gran Canaria Canary Islands Yacht charter Gran Canaria Canary Islands

Theory courses online

We are aware that our clients lead very busy lives and not everyone can spare the time for a theory course in the classroom - we are now able to offer distance learning through our partnership with Navathome – respected providers of RYA online training.

How does it work?

Study in your own time, safe in the knowledge that we will provide back up via email or telephone, should you need it. The specially designed graphics and animations facilitate quick and easy learning.

Do I need books?

You will receive a course pack which includes charts and all the relevant books you will need. For the Day Skipper theory course, we also supply you with a Portland type plotter and dividers, free of charge. For higher level courses, it is assumed that you will already have plotter & dividers but they can be bought separately if required.

How long?

When you have purchased your course, you have access for 6 months – should you need to extend the time, you can renew, for a fee of £30

What will I be learning?

How much does a course cost?

Cost of online courses 275 GBP


When booking, students agree to the Navathome Terms and Conditions.

Online Sailing courses

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