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Certified RYA Course

Radar course

This is a 1 day course - the day is split between time in the classroom and time on the water - operating a live radar in the real world - more realistic than just practising on a simulator.

The aim is to teach you, the navigator, how to get the best results from your radar set. Also, we will advise you what to consider before you buy. Radar is popular both on motor boats and sailing yachts. In the hands of a competent operator it is an invaluable aid for collision avoidance and for navigation.

No previous knowledge is required, however, some previous experience in collision avoidance and navigation is desirable. The course is aimed at RYA day skipper level and above.

COURSE CONTENT: How the set works. How to adjust the set to get the best picture. How to know if you will pass clear of another vessel or get too close for comfort. What to do if it is too close for comfort. What is too close for comfort? How to use your radar as a navigation aid and a powerful plotting tool to establish your position.

Restricted visibility is not just caused by fog - it can, for example, be a sand storm - found off the coast of the Canary Islands and the Cape Verdes. It can be torrential rain found mid ocean.

BOOKING: we run this course according to demand on any mutually convenient day. We will train you on your own boat, or on ours - combined with our simulator training.

Cost: € 110 per person (run at our base)

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